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Our learning platform

Oxford Language Institute - Over 10 years of experience in teaching English.
Our courses have been prepared by professional Native Speakers.

Enjoy our courses!

The GOAL of our language course is to help YOU achieve concrete improvements in YOUR ability to speak English, German, Russian and Italian and obtain an International Language Certificate!

Oxford Language Institute is the most effective way to learn English online:

  • User-Friendly and modern learning system

  • Wide theoretical materials including audio

  • Great, multifunctional exercises

and many more...

About us

Our Program has been developed in close cooperation with the British Language Centre - a leading Adult Language Education Centre with multiple facilities, and an official English Language Testing Centre for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TELC (The European Language Certificates), and by Upon completion of each Course Level, (there are 6 levels and 6 Certificates) .

Our primary Educational Consultant has a Delta (the senior-most achievement) in Adult Language Education from Trinity College London - one of the most prestigious Universities in the United Kingdom- or the world!

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